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Your guests are special – so are our CRM solutions!
Serenata NetHotel turns big data into smart useable data. By integrating guest information from the PMS, CRS, websites and more, Serenata NetHotel develops a 360° view of the guest. At each step before, during and after their stay the product ensures guests receive the most targeted, dynamic and relevant communication. The CRM suite can also be enhanced with a loyalty and BI module.

Why CRM?

  • Create a strong and long term relationship with your guest
  • Communicate with dynamic, personalized and responsive content
  • Make your guests “addicted” to your hotel
  • Turn OTA bookings into direct bookings
  • Continuously monitor and react to the behavior of your guests
  • Cluster your guest data and reporting in one database

CRM Enterprise:

Serenata NetHotel Profile Management – Build lasting relationships with your guests
Central and effective management and consolidation of your customer profiles: Maintain, control and distribute profiles across the hotel chain. Profile details include guest preferences, purchasing habits, guest card details, stays, revenue and other relevant information.

The quality of guest profiles is managed centrally and implemented across the chain. This ensures accurate profile information and guest recognition across all touch points, from the top management to the front desk staff. From an extra pillow, a special diet or the preferred guest card – the information is globally available, consistent and always up to date.

Serenata NetHotel Campaign Management – Communication that convinces customers
Serenata NetHotel Campaign enables your team to plan, assess and execute targeted marketing campaigns. The web-based solution takes advantage of the collected customer data for guest profiles, reservations, stays, revenues and guest preferences. The integrated email engine allows for the automatic generation of pre-arrival and post-stay communication.

Serenata NetHotel CRM Reporting – Find out what your guests do and what they don’t do
Serenata NetHotel is accompanied by a web-based reporting tool which analyzes, filters and evaluates your customer details, such as booking behavior, guest preferences, stay patterns, top producers, brand refusers, etc. An entire set of standard reports provides information on all corners of the NetHotel solution and answers to your questions, such as:
Who are our customers? What is their geographic (nationality, country, state, city) and demographic (age group, gender) profile? What are their likes and what are their dislikes? Guests preferences? What makes guests visit your hotels? What are their spending patterns, their cultural likes, etc.?

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By requesting further information, you will be contacted by the partner to get a deeper understanding of this offer.
By requesting further information, you will be contacted by the partner to get a deeper understanding of this offer.
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